Please fill out the information in the chart below. Summarize your article(s) with the focus on how humans and/or the environment are impacted by processes associated with your mineral. List the source at the end of your summary in a correct reference format.

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Fakey McExample &
Ida Know
Bisie mining
Congo or the DRC
The mining of bisie destroys the habitat of the mouse mole. Once the homes of the mouse mole have been covered up by the dumping of the overburden on the surface of the Earth, the mouse moles have to move to another location to make their homes. Since the indigenous people in this area depend on the mouse mole for the majority of their dietary needs, the people near the mine are suffering. When an elder in one of the communities, near one of the larger bisie mines was interviewed, he stated that his people are going hungry. He said, "Pretty soon we will have to eat things like cow and goat, once the mouse mole has been driven from the area.” The elder remembers when the mouse mole was so plentiful that they would cover the ground for miles. “Where once they had mouse mole roundups, you can't even catch one in a mouse mole trap, baited with their favorite food (Chicago Style Pizza),” stated one member of the community. A push cart vendor complained that he has lost thousands of dollars in sales of the local favorite “mouse mole on a stick”. He said he can’t get enough mouse moles to even meet the needs of the morning rush hour. “Pretty soon I will have to sell hot dogs,” stated the vendor. Parsons, Lizzie, Amy Barry, and Annie Dunnebacke. "Bisie killings show minerals at heart of Congo conflict." Global witness. Global witness press, 18 Aug. 2009. Web. 28 Oct. 2009. <>.
Tracy Catallo and Kasey Dann
CAR ( Central Afican Republic) in Boda
The mining of dimonds are hurting CAR's future, it is helping their economy grow but it is effecting the health of the citizens of Boda. The people who live around diamond mines are being robbed and stolen from. They are also faced with civil war because the riches that diamond mining gives to the workers and communities. The people are killing each other over the mines. The spread of diease and HIV/AIDS are occuring because the workers will get alot of money, go to bars and pick up women. There is also a problem with children not going into school and rather going into diamond minning.
"BBC News | AFRICA | Mixed blessing of diamonds in CAR." BBC NEWS | News Front Page. Web. 29 Oct. 2009.

Illegal mining and sumggling are effecting the CAR. The miners smuggle out diamonds are putting their selves in danger of the law and of the mines. The use of diamonds are intoxicating the minds of the citizens of greed and making people do crazy things to get rich quick. The laws are not protecting the summgling trade or the mining capablities of CAR.

"The Bad Side of Diamonds." Welcome to Emporia State University. Web. 28 Oct. 2009.

Adriana Montoya
and Rendell Pineda
South Africa
Cockburn, Andrew. "Diamonds: The Real Story." National Geographic Magazine 27 Oct. 2009.

Diamond mines in South Africa has impacted the humans there greatly. They have children mining for diamonds in bad conditions. South Africa has laws that if a diamond is found on public land that they have to be turned into the government so they can make money off it.The miners have bad conditions which is unhealthy for them. A lot of people have died while mining, they have a grave yard.

"Conflict Diamond Child Labor - Blood Diamonds - Rights & Economic Development." Canadian Diamonds, Conflict-Free Diamonds Jewelry | Brilliant Earth. Web. 12 Nov. 2009. <>.
Today the world’s diamonds are found in South Africa. Although in order to mine for the diamonds there comes great danger. They take advantage and humiliate children, communities, and the local environments. These workers are force to work in brutality, and bad conditions. For example low pay not even a dollar a day, and sometimes death. The children are considered an easy source of cheap labor. Sadly they often give dangerous and physically challenging tasks to children, sometimes causing deaths.

antonette puleo and rashid haddad


The villagers who don’t follow the military are beat and tortured and they must follow their rules. They are massacring diamond diggers. They are using these diamonds to keep their country strong and to use them to rebuild it. Incorrect
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People are very poor in this country and they have no choice but to join this diamond digging job. Their lives changed and they can then now live like middle class people and not be poor. So they have no choice but to do this job. Incorrect
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Peter Kim & Olena YOUsif
Liberia, Africa.

"BBC NEWS | Africa | UN lifts Liberia diamond sale ban." BBC NEWS | News Front Page. Web. 02 Nov. 2009.

Diamonds in Liberia are being banned from getting exported because the
United Nations Security Council has voted to lift a 2001 ban on the export of diamonds from Liberia. The Union determined Liberia made lots of progress but it should certify diamonds for sale don’t conflict zones. Nearly half of the world's diamonds come from west, central and southern Africa. It becomes a problem because people tend to loose their jobs and affects adults and children especially if they have kids at school.
"EU@UN - Kimberley Process: Liberia enters the diamond trade." European Union @ United Nations. Web. 02 Nov. 2009.

Liberia enters the diamond trade which was now able to export its rough diamonds legally to other Kimberley Process Members. It’s good to the humans and the environment because it continued to support the Liberia monitor closely and to the economy it was a great money increase because of export and trade. Although at times they has put in themselves in danger positions

Liberia gave support in the form of weapons, training, logistical support, as well as a safe place where the rebels could retreat to. The rebels exploited the civilians and made them work in the mines as slaves and prisoners to gain access to the diamonds. Civil wars in the Ivory Coast have been, and are being, funded with illegally acquired diamonds which are smuggled into Liberia. They had a bitter civil war that went on for 8 years has killed 200,000 people and displaced even more than that.

"Creating a Conflict Free Diamond World." Stop Blood Diamonds. Web. 02 Nov. 2009. <>.

Artisanal diamond mines within Sierra Leone and Liberia's Mano River Basin were easy prey for rebel groups who could seize the mines, trading their rough diamonds for weapons and cash. To obtain this, they abused the Liberian people and used them to mine for them and take their minerals away.

"Conflict Diamonds: Liberia." All About Gemstones. Web. 02 Nov. 2009. <>.

Michelle Kloda
Liliana Rzepecka
Sierra Leone, Africa
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In 1961, when Sierra Leone gained independence from Great Britain, there was a lot of smuggling over the diamonds. Throughout the nine year civil war, the fighting was all about the diamonds. In effect of this, a lot of women and girls were getting raped because of the conflicts going around about diamonds. People have been fighting over the ownership of mines and anything to do with diamonds. Something needs to be done about this action because many lives have been ruined and lost over a valueless piece of carbon.
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The first diamond was found in Sierra Leone and a minister decided to trade and mine it illegally, which has then continued on in the later years. These issues still go on today.
Andrew phillips
Dwight alaba
Xinjiang, China
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Jade (Yu in Chinese pinyin) was defined as beautiful stones by Xu Zhen (about 58-147) in Shuo Wen Jie Zi, the first Chinese dictionary. Jade is generally classified into soft jade (nephrite) and hard jade (jadeite). Since China only had the soft jade until jadeite was imported from Burma during the Qing dynasty (1271-1368), jade traditionally refers to the soft jade so it is also called traditional jade. Jadeite is called Feicui in Chinese. Feicui is now more popular and valuable than the soft jade in China.
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Jade has a history in China of at least four thousands years. Unknown to some, jade is found contained within the development of religion and civilization, having moved from the use of decoration on to the others such as the rites of worship and burial. Although other materials like gold, silver and bronze were also used, none of these have ever exceeded the spiritual position that jade has acquired in peoples' minds - it is associated with merit, morality, grace and dignity. In the funeral objects of the people of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - 24 AD), for example, we can see only high officials were buried with jade articles.
Lisa Zarembski & Max Lewis
Angola, Africa

Lisa Zarembski: This article shows that laborers in Liberia, Africa, working to find diamonds, are mistreated and poorly paid. This is being hidden by the executives of big diamond companies here in America in order to maintain their own wealth and personal gain. Blood diamonds have produced billions of dollars to fund civil wars in Angola, Africa. This has lead to more than 4 million deaths due to these conflicts over diamonds. Rules and regulations are being set to help this problem. One group that is trying to help the cause is the Kimberly process Certification Scheme. This was created to regulate the diamond trade. So far 70 countries participated in this process.

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carlos martinez & Mohammad Jawad
Pestosi, Bolivia Incorrect
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The mountains in Bolivia are rich with minerals 1.22 billion tons of minerals. But the conditions remain brutal, with most of the miners dying of pneumonia in their 40s, and mine drainage takes a devastating toll on the environment, making Potosi one of the world’s most polluted cities. Around10,000 miners - mostly descendants of those initial workers - toil below ground, using dynamite to create tunnels and extracting at least 2,000 tons of mineral-laden earth per day. Incorrect
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Mining in Bolivia is increasing because of the fact that the mountains there are rich with minerals. And even though the mining has provided work for hundreds and thousands of people in harsh condition that is the only type of work they can find to support their families, but another negative of mining is that it destroys nature. Mining destroys trees and kills habitats of animals, and takes away natural beauty from lands.
Woo And Sami
Quartz is one of the most common mineral in the world. It forms in the sedimentary rocks. Under heat and pressure, geodes can form in sedimentary rocks that are lined with crusts of quartz crystals deposited from underground fluids. Among the common minerals, quartz is the toughest and most reliable . It makes up the backbone of good soil. providing strength and holding its shape between its grains. Its superior hardness and resistance to breaking are what make sandstone and granite endure. Thus you could say that quartz holds up the mountains.
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