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Table Zero
Jack- I didn't know we get chocolate from the congo, and I was suprised at how the people are taken advantage of to get the chocolate.
Jill - I knew people were taken advantage of, but I didn't know how sick some of the people were...

Table 1

Liliana Rzepecka
Congo is a territory of war
* Kahuzi-Biega is a national park where endangered gorillas have their habitat
  • Congo is home to one of the richest ecosystems in Africa
  • The rebels are making war, terrorizing local people and destroying the nature
  • Iphone is based on the mineral that is found in Congo
  • There was a genocide in Rwanda that the point was to wipe out the Tutsi people
  • When rebels attack innocent people they many times burn their homes and the people that are inside
  • Congo is rich in minerals such as tin and gold
  • Soldiers take away people’s food that they grow
  • Coltan is a very important mineral used to make electronics
  • More than 1 million people have been displaced because of the war
  • There are schools for children created by UN
  • About 20 women arrive to a special organization for raped women each week
Table 2
Mohammad - Its unknown, whether stopping the sale of coltan would stop the fighting , but we do know that it will leave thousands of people jobless which will lead to starvation.
  • Rebels have been killing animals for food and selling the small ones for pets.
  • more than 2/3 of the gorillas have been killed.
  • The rangers keep the gorillas safe.
  • Latest phones, playstations, and laptops used the mineral known as coltan
  • 100s work in very rough conditions in a mine. The diggers give half of what they get to the soldiers in return for protection. Most of the diggers are children.The gun man don't just take their gold they also take their food.
  • The country collapsed after 1991 genocide in Rwanda. People flooded into eastern Congo. Rebels are fighting for mineral territories and have been hurting civilians.
  • The reporter tries to make video of the mine during work
  • Coltan helps make technology much smaller.
  • Apple uses Coltan in their products which sell very well. Coltan is used for phones and computers. The hills are rich with minerals and specially gold.
  • The coltan mine is owned by a senator form Congo. who refuses the reporters to go observe the mine while people are working.
  • Militias tax the mines and find ways to sell it to the market.
  • Coltan is helping to fund the war.

Peter Kim:
-In the country of Congo, many gorillas are slaughtered.
-They are sold by the rebels and the rangers are trying to save them.
-Ever since the war started in Congo, the rebels has been taking control over the people.
-They have to mine minerals to live, and feed their families.
-They tax the mines and they also take most of the minerals the families mine.
-Young children work in hard conditions and make very little.
-Minerals such as Gold, Tin, and Coltan are found in Congo, and that is what is fueling the rebels to keep their presense there.
-Those minerals are sold in the market and go in devices such as the cellular phones and other electronic devices we use today.
-Even though the reporters try to get video clips of the mines, the senator of Congo owns that mine field and wont give them access to record the conditons there.

· Monkey is in danger in Congo.
· Gorillas in danger.
· They drill for possible arm attacks.
· They have been terrorized by people who hunt gorillas
· Khauzi is the largest
· Every morning they drill
· It is home to one of the richest Africa.
· More than 2/3 of the gorillas have been swept out of the war.
· They kill these gorillas for food.
· Contain was one the famous place to get items
· Any trip in the Congo is long and danger.
What a journalist does….

· Go around places and take notes of what is occurring
· Write about it so others know about the problem
· They go and experience actual people and what has happened to them and how
· Journalists ask lots of questions
· Tin, gold, diamond= largest minerals.
· Gold is used in lots of mainly electronics
· Hundreds of work in danger conditions
· Children are left with bad nutrient and dehydrated.
· They give half of what they make to the soldiers
· If there were no mines , people would starve including the children
· The government doesn’t only take the minerals they find but the food they grow
Table 4
Kasey -You have to do a lot of tough research and you have to go to desolate places to get awnsers. Most war torn countries do not have many resources so you have to put up with that. They might be told to go to horrible places. The soldiers do not care if the workers get hurt or die or starve they only thing about Coltan, a mineral that is used in electronics. DR congo is in ruins because of this minerals and other mines. They are having horrendous fights and are fighting one another.

Tracy Catalllo
  • Rangers who led tourists are under singe
  • There are rebel fighters throughout the park trying to kill the gorillas
  • They are in Congo Africa
  • they try to protect the gorillas from being killed for food and takin as pets
  • more then two thirds have been wiped out since the war
  • technology is made up on minerals
  • In congo minerals have caused a war
  • europeans plummeted the congo
  • refugees invaded the congo
  • Places were bombed due too minerals
  • the hills of eastern congo has the richest minerals like gold
  • gold is in almost all electronic devices
  • they work in priminitive dangerouss conditions many sre children and everything is done by foot
  • soldiers take their foods and leave them with nothing
  • The government pretends to help them
  • They were warned not to send things over seas
  • austrailia is the only other country to have thiscontent

-> Gorillas in Congo are killed for food and money (sell for pets).
-> Rebels take away minerals from the people to sell for other countries.
-> They sell coltans for those company who uses them for their technogies.
-> Other companies try to stop using coltans from Congo.

congo is one of the richest mineral places in africa, more than two thirds of the gorilla polulation has been wiped out by the rebels. the rebels have been terrorizing innocent people and killing the gorillas in order to get a mineral rich land. the common people deal with scarcity of water and food. the government pretends to hep these people but in reality government does not help these innocent people. the mine owners lay harsh rules on the workers and they dont care about their health.

Table 5
Rendell- http://money.cnn.com/2009/03/27/news/international/congo.fortune/index.htm?postversion=2009032715
Electronics makers are pressed to stop using 'conflict minerals' from mines controlled by armed groups in DR Congo. Coltan is a mineral found in Congo, it can be used in electronics. Armed groups make profits by exporting this mineral out to other countries that use Coltan. Previous efforts to clean up supply chains have had mixed results.
Adriana- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1FQmUQ1-mM&feature=relatedIn
Deep in the wally Cali express one of the busiest airstrips in the congo, 15 or more airplanes arrive everyday taking more than two milllion dollars worth of loot. This is one of the worlds deadliest conflicts, it has left many dead. There are 10 mines located near the wally Cali, in these mines their is a mineral that everyone is after it is a red rock casitirite also known as tin. This mineral is now used in many electronics.

Congo is home to the highest mineral deposits in the world;including dimionds and gold.
All the other states around congo have formed militais in order to fight for the power of who gets the gold. Many people who are not from that certain state are often targeted. Even though there has been a cease fire that ended the war, congo still doesnt have control of the actions that are going on til this day. Most of the young boys that use to serve the militia during the war have no choice but mine for gold to survive; the amount they get paid depends on how much gold they find. The young men use mercurey to seperate the gold from the sand, not knowing that the mercury is dangrouse to the exposure of their skin. Many of the boys that work in the mining tunnles sometimes get lost and end up dying , which is something that is common; sometimes the minds collapse and end up killing the miners. At the end of the day the miners take their gold and have to give 30% to their boss. Younger children have to give all of their gold to the bosses and they are paid with slege buckets; if the buckets contain bits of gold then they can keep it, and that's their pay for the day. The further you get away from the mines, the more money you see being collected by the gold bosses. Even though Congo has the most mineral resources in the world, it still remains as one of the poorest countries.

table notes Antonette Puleo, Adriana Montoya, Carlos Martinez, Rendell Pineda- Notes-every mornining they drill againts possiable acts.
home of endagered gurrilas.
home to one of the worlds richest eco-systems.
more than 2/3 thirds have been wiped out since the war started.
rebels have been killing guerillas are beining killed by rebels.
colton is an important mineral that is used for making eletronics.
kongo state is like a large mafia in africa.
trips in kongo are long and dangrouse.
outsideders brought misery.
rebles live off the minerals to support for war.
rebels attack villages in order to get minerals.
hills of kongo are very rich, but people are still suffering.
hundreds work in dangrouse conditons when mining, especially children.
goverment soilders offer protection, but only for money.
gunman not only take the minerals but they also take their food; they have no other choice.
mines are owned by kongoly senators.
eletronics are taking steps not to use colton from the mines owened by the kongol senators.
traders dont get that much money for colton anymore.
Table 6
drill against armed attacks
killed for food
courage keeps gorilla population alive
monkeys are in danger in Congo
sold by rebels
no fear of humans
home to richest ecosystem
minerlas used for electronics like the iphone, laptop, playstation
coltan mines- trying to stop it
mafia like organizations
trips to Congo are dangerous
hills in Congo have richest minerals- diamonds and tins
many people affected
all have children but no food
rape is used as a weapon of war

related video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io8c81xHLmw&feature=related
This is about the fuelling killings in Congo and how they rely on slaves to help the militia, by working in horrible conditions.

Lisa Zarembski
  • Gorillas are endangered in parts of Africa
  • More than 2/3 have been wiped out since the war began
  • Congo mineral a main source of profit for rebels
  • This mineral is used in technology such as ifone, playstation 3, computers
  • We may be to blame for all the death and war over there.
  • The cost of Congo mineral has decreased.