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Sami Allam- one of the many faults of the Grand Canyon.This is a reverse fault because the hanging wall goes up.

Rashid Haddad=Anticlines contain series of rock layers.

Faults= They are fractures in the rocks and one of the fractures is lower or higher than the other causing different levels in the rock surface.
File:San Andreas Fault Aerial View.gif
File:San Andreas Fault Aerial View.gif

Sami Allam
Fold: A Geoloical Fold
external image pd1549875.jpg
Fault:external image 220px-Geologic_fault_Adelaida.jpg A Geological Fault

Andrew Phillips

Faults -

Folds -

Kasey Dann -
salv_faults.jpgSlip and Slide fault line this fault is created by earthquakes, the foothold is on the top and bottem is created by tension.
VolcanicFolds.jpg The volcanic fold is made by a volcano and is Anticline and a syncline is at the bottom of the fold.



The right-lateral strike-strip fault of the San Andreas Fault. It is a lateral displacement of the crust that causes earthquakes.

Liliana Rzepecka

external image FaultsAndFolds.jpg

There are clearly seen dips among those faults and folds in that rock.

external image AniticlinePict.jpg
This picture shows that the rock anticlines which means that it curves upward.

external image Syncline.jpg
This image shows that the rock synclines which means it folds downward.

Peter Kim
Shear Fold:
This shear fold developed by earth quakes.

San Andreas Fault
This image is a San Andreas Fault where crusts have been displaced causing earthquakes.

Adriana Montoya
This is a picture that has downfolds or troughs called synclines. This fold also forms a strike-slip fault going north and south.

Olena Yousif

Carlos Martinez
Oblique slit fault-it's a a combination of a dip slip fault and a strike slip fault; it require both dip slip and strike fualt to be strike significant and measurable.


Anticline Fold- it has its oldest layer of rocks in the middle of it; antiform would be any fold that is convex up.


Michelle Kloda-

A fold is a bent layer that was once horizontal but moved throughout time.
There are small folds on both sides of the picture.
Folds are formed when things occur by the borderline of faults.


A fault is a fracture in which one part of the rock moves in respect to the other.
The rocks that you see are fit with the rocks on the other side.
Faults form because they are under stres or because it is hot.


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external image synclinepic.jpg

Synclinal folds in bedrock

File:Faille des Causses depuis Bedarieux.dsc02071.cropped.jpg
File:Faille des Causses depuis Bedarieux.dsc02071.cropped.jpg

A fault in Brdarieux, France. The left side moves down while the right side moves up.
The warping of the rock layers on the right is likely due to drag folding.