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Click external image x-zip.png 4-08-10+Document+for+class.docx this document to get a copy of the in class packet we completed in class 4-8-10.

North Branch Chicago River packet (to be used to help answer the questions in the packet we worked on in class 4-08-10.)
external image pdf.png
external image pdf.png
River Geology Packet 4-10 from Childress.pdf

Gradient & Profile materials (to be used to help answer the questions in the packet from stations 5 and 7).
external image empty.png Rivers packet Gradient and Soil Profile.doc

Grain Size Analysis materials
external image x-zip.png
external image x-zip.png
Grain Size Analysis Gest.docx

You Tube - Chicago River history link

Click to access the powerpoint presentation external image porosity+permeabilty.ppt you can use to fill out pages 45-53 from your blue packet. Click this link if you couldn't get the cave forming animation to work from page 51 of the packet.

Click the icon to see a copy of the requirements for the Water Partner projectexternal image empty.png Water Problem Parther Project.doc and click to see a copy of the rubric for the presentation external image empty.png Case Study Rubric.doc.

Click here to go the the comcept map 3-16-10 H.W. posting.

Click here to go to the group concept map representing water availability and all the parts of the water cycle.
If you did not complete your individual concept map for water availability, you will not receive any credit for the group grade, since you did not contribute information from your concept map to create the group concept map.

Click here to get to the links for the Water Availability Activity from the blue packet, pages 1-32. This page will list: links, username and passwords for the pre and post tests, etc.