Student Names
Political and Social Impact
Fakey McExample &
Ida Know
Waterville, Ohio
The government of Waterville is a Demoracy. The political party currently governing the
the town is not corrupt, but the town has very little monet to help solve the water problems. There is currently a lot of unrest and protests going on in the streets, and the people may
soon try to overthrow the government, which they feel is keeping all their money and not
giving enough back to solve the problems.
Woo Byrn and
Antonette Puleo
Casa Grande

Tracy Catallo and
Carlos Martinez

Olena Yousif and
Lisa Zarembski

Sami Allam and
Rashid Haddad

Kasey Dann and
Dwight Alaba
Perth, Australia
The government of Perth is a democracy. Perth is run by the Parliament System and is corrupt, but they try to help out to solve their water problems. Their government has been proven to be holding a "dirt file", which contains all the substantial material related to their Wheat Board.
Michelle Kloda and
Lilianna Rzepecka
Mexico City

Andrew Phillips and
Rendell Pineda
The government of Ethiopia is a democracy. The government is corrupt but they do make efforts in fixing the problem to access of water supply and sanitation in Ethiopia which is one of the lowest in the world. For example the government took on a water and sanitation strategy that called for more spread out decision-making.